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Preferred Benefit Administrators signs a contract with the new Minute Clinic™ a subsidiary of CVS Pharmacy™.

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Preferred Benefit Administrators is a Third Party Administrator specializing in self-funded group health administration. As a result of our singular focus on self-funding, Preferred Benefit Administrators understands the critical need to tailor our services for each individual client.

Preferred Benefit Administrators was founded in 1997 by Lisa Brower and Holly Coffey. After collectively working in the self insured industry for 40+ years, Lisa and Holly joined forces to create an organization with the objective to provide superior administration and personalized service.


View employee benefits, claims status and benefit accumulators in "real time." Terminate, change or add coverage online.

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Group Health Administration for Self-funded Medical, Prescription Drugs, Dental, Vision, and Short-Term Disability, COBRA/HIPAA Administration
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